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New Year’s Resolutions for Couples

New Year’s Resolutions for Couples

The New Year is a time for fresh starts, new beginnings and important resolutions that have the power to transform your life for the better. And while you’re likely to make resolutions for the coming year that can benefit you on a personal level, whether it’s going to the gym more often, reconciling with a friend and/or finally learning how to speak French, it’s important to make resolutions that can help to improve your relationship on many different levels.

Here are the six key resolutions that can be the perfect solution for a great year ahead as a couple.   

Resolve to Be Present

How often do you check your phone during dinner with your partner? How many times have you missed part of what he or she was saying because you were completely distracted by an email? A highly important resolution today is to pledge to be less preoccupied and distracted when spending time with your partner. Not only will this immensely benefit the connection that the two of you share, but when you resolve to be fully present in the moment, you’ll also be able to create more meaningful and memorable moments together.

Resolve to Be a Better Listener

Along these same lines, if you’re looking to make a resolution that can bring your connection to new heights, it’s time to heighten your listening skills. While removing outside distractions is an important part of the process, it’s also imperative that you listen to your mate with your ears as well as your eyes.

This means focusing on not only what your partner’s saying to you, but how he or she’s saying it. Is his head in his hands? Is she slouched over or standing up tall and proud? In many instances, tuning in to your partner’s nonverbal cues can help you understand what he or she’s expressing far more than his or her words ever could.

Resolve to Be More Gracious

If you’re looking to transform your relationship with your partner in the New Year, showing gratitude is an important step. You may be so accustomed to simple acts of kindness and selfless deeds performed by your partner that thanking him or her is left unsaid. Did you thank your partner for doing the laundry? Did you thank your mate for filling your car’s tank up with gas? Simply saying “thank you” to your partner for even the smallest act can make a huge impact, as it lets him or her know just how much you appreciate his or her presence in your life.

Resolve to Communicate More Effectively

If you want to improve your relationship in the New Year, it’s imperative that you work on your communication skills with your partner. You should strive to talk openly and honestly and let him or her know exactly how you’re feeling. After all, if you’re withholding your true emotions and/or are afraid to reveal what’s really on your mind, your relationship won’t be able to evolve because your partner won’t get to know the real you. When you can speak candidly with one another and push past the superficial, you can connect with your partner on a much deeper level. 

Resolve to Make Time for Date Night

Remember date night?

It’s time to bring it back in a big way, as it can truly help to keep the spark between the two of you alive long after the New Year’s fireworks have gone out. Whether your plans include heading to a local jazz club, going on a weekend getaway or simply enjoying dinner and a movie together, designating special outings and occasions to spend time with one another out on the town and off of your couch can help to keep your connection booming and your intimacy levels sky high. 


Resolve to Keep Your Partner on His or Her Toes

If you’re looking to make the New Year truly unforgettable for you and your partner, another important resolution is to find ways to surprise him or her in fun and exciting ways. Whether this includes making her a candlelit dinner, bringing him breakfast in bed or buying her tickets to see her favorite band, these little surprise gifts and unexpected moments of thoughtfulness can help to keep your relationship fresh and interesting while simultaneously showing your partner just how much you care. 



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