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Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas That Make a Lasting Impression

Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas That Make a Lasting Impression

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, but it’s possible you still haven’t found that perfect present for your partner. And while you may feel as though you’re running out of time, you’re certainly not running out of luck in terms of finding something special for your special someone.

9 Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gifts

These nine last-minute gifts are guaranteed to make this Valentine’s Day truly great for you and your mate.

Update the classics. Sure, flowers and chocolates are easily ordered or purchased at the last second, but just because you’re in a time crunch doesn’t mean you can’t step it up in the gift-giving department. After all, you can rush order more exciting items, such as chocolate-covered strawberries, a gift basket of coffee, teas, or cookies decorated with his or her name on them with the simple click of a mouse.

Gift cards. Another quick, easy and thoughtful Valentine’s Day present is to purchase a gift card for your partner that plays directly into his or her favorite activities, interests, and pastimes. For example, a gift card to his or her favorite clothing shop, electronics store, or yoga studio is the perfect gift that you know he or she’ll not only appreciate, but will definitely put to good use.

Subscriptions. If you’re looking to find a gift that’ll be well-received on many different levels, you can sign your partner up for a subscription to a year-long service that you know he or she’ll be grateful for and fully enjoy.

Whether it’s a service that sends him or her a bottle of wine each month, different kinds of seasonal pies or simply a digital newspaper subscription, these kinds of gifts keep on giving all year long, yet they only take a second to purchase.

Last-minute trip. If you want to find a gift in a flash that’ll make a big splash, booking last-minute travel for you and your partner is a terrific option.

In fact, there are numerous last-minute flight and hotel packages that are not only affordable but make for the perfect romantic getaway for you and your mate. And even though you purchased the trip at the last minute, the memories you make together at your travel destination can last a lifetime.

Tickets. With this in mind, another quick and easy gift idea is to purchase tickets for you and your partner for an upcoming show or event. Whether there’s a musical you’d both like to see or your partner has a favorite comedian, band or sports team, buying tickets can be just the ticket when it comes to finding a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift.


Make reservations. Do you think everything is booked on Valentine’s Day? Guess again! With a little searching, you can find different restaurants and bars in your area with tables available for you and your partner for a fun date night out on the town. Plus, many restaurants have special Valentine’s Day menus, decorations, and desserts, and for an extra treat, you can call ahead and ask to have your partner’s name written on his or her dessert plate.  

Activities just for couples. If you’re looking to buy a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift that both you and your partner can enjoy, signing up for a couple’s activity is a terrific option.

For instance, you can register for a romantic couple’s massage, a cooking class or a wine tasting that enables you and your partner to engage in an exciting experience together even after Valentine’s Day has passed.  

Pampering session. If you want to show your partner just how much you care this Valentine’s Day, a great last-minute gift falls into the pampering category. Whether you book your partner a day at a spa, a blow-dry appointment and/or a facial, gifting him or her with a pampering session for Valentine’s Day lets your partner know that his or her comfort is a top priority.

Make a meal. Another last-minute and inexpensive Valentine’s Day gift that can make your significant other significantly happy is to cook or bake for him or her. Even if you buy prepackaged cookie dough or store-made items, you can still create something special for your partner that he or she can enjoy in every respect.

Remember, even if you’re in a pinch, a little bit of effort goes a long way on Valentine’s Day.



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