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You Can Do It! How to Cut Your Kids’ Hair at Home.

Professional haircuts are expensive and it's a hassle to find time in your busy schedule to get the kids to the salon. Trim those expensive salon haircuts out of your family budget to grow the cash in your bank account. Use these five tips to cut your children's hair at home the easy way and become their own personal stylist.

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Cut your kids' hair at home like a pro with a little patience and practice.
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You could read article after article describing tips and techniques on how to cut your kids' hair like a pro. But there's no better teaching tool online than watching someone actually do it.

YouTube is a great source for videos that show you how to cut your kids' hair. Watch many videos to get comfortable with what you'll be doing before you start chopping away at your kids' hair. YouTube is another place to look when you're looking for help with a specific haircut you want to give your child, such as adding layers or cutting a bob.

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Buy the Right Tools

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If you ever cut your doll's hair when you were a child, you know how unsightly those cut lines looked with mom's craft scissors. Get the right equipment before you cut your kids' hair or you won't be happy with the results.

Start with a good pair of shears. Your local beauty supply store sells shears like the stylists use for about $20. You'll also need a spray bottle for wetting your child's hair, a comb and a towel. And as you give many haircuts, you'll also need to make sure your scissors are sharp or buy a new pair.

Having the right equipment will help you develop your skills over time so you can consistently create professional-looking haircuts. You'll be more confident, less frustrated and your children won't be as scared as they would if you were coming at them with the same giant scissors you use to cut things around the house.

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Ask a Stylist

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Want to learn style secrets from the pros? Go straight to the source. The next time you're at the salon, ask the stylist to give you some tips. A lot of times you'll find the stylist is a mom herself and understands the need to save money or to give a quick trim in between full haircuts.

Of course, stylists make their living from you coming to them so don't expect them to share all of their secrets in an in-depth tutorial. But you can get a crash course in the basics so you can cut your kids' hair at home. Over time, you'll be able to develop your own technique that gives you the results you want when you cut your kids' hair.

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Keep Kids Busy

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Your child may sit perfectly still in the stylist's chair. At home, it can be a different story. Kids are used to running around and not having to sit quietly while you take aim at that shaggy hair. Before you plop them in the kitchen chair and hope they stay put, make sure you have activities to keep them busy. This way, you can take your time and they'll be more content.

Break out the CD player and listen to audio books or music together. Pick a few books and encourage them to read. Print coloring pages so they can create a masterpiece while they get their hair cut. Consider letting them watch a favorite program you choose or eat a nutritious snack to keep them occupied. These little distractions will make the haircut go a lot smoother.

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Go Slow

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You're new to cutting hair and your kids may act differently with you than they would for a stylist. Take your time, especially in the beginning they're just getting used to mommy cutting their hair and you're still learning how to cut the back, sides and front uniformly.

Take lots of breaks when you need them or when your child starts to complain. It's important they don't move while you're cutting their hair. You don't want to make any hasty moves that will make your snips shorter than you wanted or that might nick their skin, giving you both a bad home haircut experience.

Initially, you may feel like your kids' home haircuts aren't saving you time because it could take an hour or more. Think of the time you spend corralling your children into the car, driving to the salon, waiting on a stylist, watching your child get his hair cut, getting back into the car and driving home.

Your first few haircuts may take longer but that's just because you're working through a learning curve. With practice, it won't be long until you're a hairmaster with before and after pictures to prove it. Above all, remember it will grow back if you make a mistake!



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