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Does Nioxin Really Treat Hair Loss in Women?

Does Nioxin Really Treat Hair Loss in Women?

Hair loss, for whatever reason, can be a devastating experience. Whether you are concerned about future hair loss (perhaps your mom, sister, or grandmother have thinning hair) or you are experiencing thin hair right now, Nioxin may be the answer you're looking for.

With decades of research and a solid reputation for understanding the biology behind hair loss, Nioxin is a product you can trust. There is no hype, miracle promises, or unattainable claims with Nioxin.

Nioxin is also amazing for tight, itchy, and flaky scalp, but for the most serious of scalp concerns, check out Nioxin Scalp Recovery.

What is Nioxin?

Nioxin is a complete line of hair products and scalp treatments that help optimize the health of the scalp resulting in youthful, healthy-looking, and often thicker hair. Nioxin utilizes advanced technology (developed over more than 20 years), including:

  • BioAmp: Glycol-proteins that are designed to add thickness and strengthen the hair from inside the cuticle. Cystine acids work to seal the cuticle and help repair damaged fine hair.
  • SmoothPlex: A proprietary blend of silk amino acids and kukui nut oil that adds moisture, natural shine and smooth control to medium to coarse hair.
  • Glyco-Color Shield: Dual-protection technology protects your scalp from damage and irritation caused by chemical services such as highlights, lowlights, permanent waves, and relaxers while preserving your hair color.
  • Transactive Delivery System: A time-release system that is formulated with vitamins, moisturizing nutrients, and botanicals.
  • Scalp Access: A micronutrient system that delivers moisturizing nutrients and proteins onto the scalp and hair

Nioxin Scalp and Hair Three-Part Systems

The great thing about Nioxin is that there is a system, or series of products, that will benefit every type of thinning hair.

Nioxin is designed to provide a healthy scalp to give your hair the best possible foundation from which to grow. Just like the health and look of your skin is greatly dependent upon using the right products and cleansers, the look of your hair will significantly improve if you are properly caring for your scalp.

Nioxin's three-part systems are designed for individual hair types. According to their website, 9 out of 10 users of the three-part system report thicker appearing hair when used as directed. To choose a three-part system for you, simply match your hair type with one of Nioxin's 8 Nioxin systems:

  • System 1 for fine, natural (no chemical treatments like color, highlights, perms, or relaxers), normal to thin-looking hair.
  • System 2 for fine, natural, noticeably thinning hair.
  • System 3 for fine, chemically enhanced (color, highlights, lowlights, perms, or relaxers), normal to thin-looking hair.
  • System 4 for fine, chemically enhanced, noticeably thinning hair.
  • System 5 for medium/coarse, natural, normal to thin-looking hair.
  • System 6 for medium/coarse, natural, noticeably thinning hair.
  • System 7 for medium/coarse, chemically enhanced, normal to thin-looking hair.
  • System 8 for medium/coarse, chemically enhanced, noticeably thinning hair.

    Nioxin Intensive Therapy Treatments

    The three-part systems offered by Nioxin can be a great start in combating thinning hair and hair loss in women, but it is not the end of Nioxin's benefits.

    Intensive Therapy treatments are designed to customize and enhance your Nioxin three-part daily system and deliver maximum results to your thinning hair issues. You can use one or several of these products to address individual scalp or hair concerns.

    • Hair Booster: This product is formulated for scalps with excessive thinning areas or low-density hairlines. Hair Booster is used twice daily. The vitamin-enriched leave-in treatment exfoliates dead skin cells and delivers advanced nourishment to the hair.
    • Recharging Complex: This daily multi-vitamin supplement provides super balanced internal nutrition to promote healthy hair growth. It's also great for your skin and nails.
    • Weightless Reconstructive Masque: This protein reconstructor helps re-bond hair, and improves hair strength. The weightless formula also adds volume to thinning hair without build up.
    • Hydrating Hair Masque: This moisturizing treatment helps restore moisture, elasticity, and body to hair without heavy buildup.
    • Deep Repair Hair Masque: This deep penetrating reconstructor is designed to strengthen, repair damage, renew elasticity, and reduce chemical stress to the hair.
    • Clarifying Cleanser: This clarifying shampoo gently neutralizes hard water mineral deposits on hair and removes the chlorine, styling products, and other environmental buildup.
    • Clean Control: This oil-reducing normalizing cleanser removes excess sebum and helps dissolve sticky sebum plugs.

    Styling Products From Nioxin

    Thinning hair is often accompanied by limp, lifeless style. If your hair is thinning, you have likely tried every volumizing and styling product under the sun. Nioxin offers a variety of products to aid in styling your thinning hair to it's fullest potential, without causing further damage or buildup to your hair follicle.

    Nioxin Volumizing Reflectives products add weightless volume to fine and thinning hair. These products are formulated with natural botanicals and rich humectants. The ingredients free from alcohol, animal protein, and PVP film formers. Products include:

    • Thermal Protector
    • Bodifying Foam
    • Thickening Gel
    • Volume and Texture Creme
    • Liquid Sculpting Gel
    • Root Lifter
    • NioSpray
    • Thickening Spray

    Nioxin Smoothing Reflectives products are designed for medium to coarse hair are formulated with natural botanicals and rich humectants. Ingredients free from damaging alcohol, animal proteins, and film-forming PVP film formers. Products include:

    • Silk Elixir
    • Pure Shine Gel
    • Styling Gel
    • Finishing Creme
    • Fast Finish
    • Glossing Color Shield
    • Fast Control

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