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31 Most Beautiful Prom Dresses for Your Big Night

21. White Off the Shoulder Dress

Short girls should definitely opt for a shorter length, mostly because all that material will just drown you otherwise. Slightly above the knee is a really good option, but you’ll want to check the rules for your prom first. Some say that you MUST wear a long skirt. Alternatively, opt for a dress with an uneven hem. The shorter length at the front still gives the illusion of you being ‘longer’ (like a shorter dress will achieve), but it still has the long and glamorous length at the back. It’s a winner all round!

High Low Prom Dress in White

22. Sparkly Two Piece Dress with a Slit

It’s a brave look, we know that, but not completely unachievable. The floaty skirt, for example, makes it great for covering up the legs if you don’t like them, but the slit allows for just the right amount of sexiness. And if you quite like your arms, you have the perfect opportunity to show them off. That material just looks super lush too. Honestly, we can’t wait to get our hands on it.

Sparkly Grey Two Piece Dress with a Slit

23. Backless Sequin Dress

There are a few things you’ll need to know before opting for a backless prom dress. Firstly, finding the right underwear will take you a little while. Secondly, it’ll be a bit chilly from time to time. Thirdly, it’s bold and brave and you need to rock it if you’re going to rock it. And here’s how …

Use wrap-around bra-strap converters to make this dress easier to wear, whilst still giving yourself the support you need. Then you can wear some of your favourite bras without too much hassle, and you’ll find the confidence to wear glamorous stuff like this more often!

Vintage Sequin Backless Prom Dress

24. Black & Gold

It’s very Egyptian-esque, Cleopatra-like, if you will? And that’s just why we love it, if we’re being honest. It would give you the perfect opportunity to really rock this black eyeliner flicks, and to pile on the gold eyeshadow that you’ve been dying to find an opportunity to wear. It’s just one night – rock it like you mean it!

Long Black and Gold Prom Dress

25. Long White Prom Dress

It’s almost wedding dress-like, and that really does make a statement when you’re on the hunt for the most beautiful prom dresses for your big day. We’re in love with the hemline of the skirt, and we can’t help but think it looks a little bit like the petals of a flower. It’s a great dress for tall and slender girls, and will even fake curves if you have none to speak of.

Long White Prom Dress for Black Girls

26. Black Sequin Dress

We think Jessica Rabbit would love a dress like this, a sassy little number that sparkles in all the right lights, for all the right reasons. You might think that rocking sequins is hard work, but you just need to do it with confidence. The black colour instantly makes it easier to wear than, for example, a bright red Jessica Rabbit-style dress, and as long as you keep everything else relatively muted, you’ll be on to a winner.

Long Black Sequin Prom Dress

27. Burgundy Dress with an Open Back

Another open-backed design, this totally falls in trend with the cage and gladiator-style bralettes we’ve been wearing since last summer. And that deep red shade? Yes, we’re definitely in love with that too. It’s very Hollywood glamour, especially with Hollywood glam makeup. Think big red lips and black eyeliner kitten flick and you have about the right idea.

Elegant Long Burgundy Prom Dress

28. Unique Light Blue Dress

If you’re a “pear shape”, a dress like this is a great design for you – fuller at the bottom and more fitted at the top. Your slender top half just begs to be adorned with the beautiful lace patterned detailing on this – one of the most beautiful prom dresses we’ve ever seen. What do you think? Would this dress be at the top of your list?

Unique Short Light Blue Prom Dress

29. Open Long Mint Dress

Got a booty to be proud of? Do more squats than anyone else you know? Hell, rock that booty with a dress that rocks it for you. This open long mint dress is perfect for accentuating all your best curves, and even better than that, it’s still dignified and sophisticated too. Sexy, sassy, and just a little bit sweet – we love it, what about you?

Sparkly Mint Long Dress for Prom

30. Simple, Light Pink Midi Dress

This one gives you a modern take on the most beautiful prom dresses, a structured and tailored number that is very similar to a lot of the structured styles offered by designer, Victoria Beckham. It’s a look that means business, especially with those perfect shoes. If you really want to stand out from the crowd, this is definitely the way to do it.

Simple Light Pink Prom Dress

31. Black Lace Dress

The cold-shoulder trend is another trend we’re all loving right now, and this black lace dress, with all it’s elegant cut-outs, is a perfect way to rock the theme for a summer prom. Nipped-in waist, check. Beautiful mid-calf length that’s super flatting for basically everyone, check. Cut-out shoulders, covering bingo-wings yet showing off collarbones, check. It’s got everything you could want from your prom dress, and it’s a dress that could easily be worn for other occasions too.

Cute Black Lace Prom Dress

We hope that you loved these most beautiful prom dresses for your big day as much as we do, and we definitely want to hear your favourites. Let us know what you wore, or what you’re planning to wear, and whether or not you’ve been inspired by any of the looks we’ve shown you today.

Most of all, have a great prom! We’re sure you’ll all look damn fabulous!



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