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21 Stylish Bathing Suit Ideas for Summer 2017

11. Retro High Waist Swimsuit

Want to add some vintage glamour to your beach look? Then you need a bathing suit like this! This suit features a cute knotted top and high waist bottoms. Pair your retro swimwear with a stylish pair of sunnies to be the style envy of the beach.

Retro Tropical Print Bathing Suit for Summer 2017

12. Gorgeous Floral Bikini

Next, we have a unique piece that is perfect for the trendsetters. This bikini has an asymmetrical top and features stunning flowers on the top and bottom. If you love all things chic then choose black and white swimwear. Something like this will wow.

Black and White Floral Bathing Suit for Summer 2017

13. Tropical Bathing Suit

Here is another example of how to wear tropical swimwear in style. This gorgeous one piece features a vibrant tropical print on the top with blue bottoms. The top also has a cut out feature which makes it modern and trendy.  A bathing suit like this would be great for any beach vacation.

Tropical Cutout Bathing Suit for Summer 2017

14. Neoprene Two Piece

Prefer something a bit sportier? Then check out this neoprene bikini. Neoprene is a fabulous material that comes from wet suits. It is stretchy, sleek, water resistant and sporty. It isn’t just for wet suits anymore though it has had a trendy makeover. Now it is being used to create stunning swimwear like this. Neoprene is perfect for the ladies who love to look sporty.

Black and White Neoprene Two Piece Bathing Suit for Summer 2017

15. Cute Jellyfish Print

Prints using underwater themes are must haves this summer. Think sea creatures, plants and shells. To get inspired check out this awesome jellyfish print one piece. It is cute, quirky and stylish. The cut outs are also a gorgeous feature. Something like is great if you want to make a statement.

Tropical and Jellyfish One Piece Bathing Suit for Summer 2017

16. Lace Up Bathing Suit

If you like to keep up with the fashion pack, then a bathing suit like this is for you. This stylish two piece hits multiple trends. You have the lace up front which is a must have this year, the laces also have tassels which are great choices for a boho summer look. The suit is also a gorgeous color. Something like this is a stunner that you won’t go wrong with.

Light Purple Lace up Two Piece Bathing Suit for Summer 2017

17. Floral One Piece

We couldn’t have a summer picks list without the classic floral prints. Bright blooms are a must have for the sunny season. This bathing suit has refreshed the print this year. The black and printed panels work beautifully together. Pair with a sunhat and sunnies for a chic beach and pool look.

Bright Floral One Piece Bathing Suit for Summer 2017

18. Crochet Bikini

Boho fashion always makes a comeback in the summer. Take the trend into your swimwear to with a crochet bathing suit. This funky bikini will give you a unique and natural look. Crochet bikinis come in a variety of colors and designs, so you could have a different one for every day of the week.

Crochet Two Piece Bathing Suit for Summer 2017

19. Halter One Piece

If you’re looking to make a statement around the pool or at the beach, then try a halter neck swimsuit. This swimsuit features a gorgeous print and would suit any lady. Halter neck swimwear comes in so many colors and prints. It would also look cute with shorts to.

Printed Halter Neck One Piece Bathing Suit for Summer 2017

20. Shell Bikini

We love the shell trend so just had to add this cute bikini in the picks list. A pink shell top like this would look beautiful. You could wear with printed bottoms like the ones featured or color match to the top. A cover up would look great with this to.

Pink Shell Bikini Top with Printed Bikini Bottoms Two Piece Bathing Suit for Summer 2017

21. Chic One Piece

Last on our list is this black and white bathing suit. Nothing says chic and stylish like this color combo. It’s not just the color that makes this a must have it is also the sweetheart neckline. Everything about this just says glamour. Wear with a big sunhat and sunglasses to finish off your look.

Chic Black and White One Piece Bathing Suit for Summer 2017

We hope you have found inspiration for your holiday look.



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