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Best Underwear for Potty Training a Baby

At Ella's 15-month-checkup, I told her pediatrician that Ella was telling us when she was wet and had expressed interest in the potty. As you can imagine, I was told that it was far too early to worry about potty training and that she would be well over the age of two before she was ready. I disagreed. While I hadn't been brave enough to attempt infant potty training, I knew my child well enough to know that she was, at the very least, interested.

While I left feeling totally annoyed, I went with my gut and started searching for "big girl" underwear anyway. I needed something that was thick enough in case she had an accident, but small enough to fit her size 12-month frame.

It wasn't easy. As it turns out, there's lots of options for toddlers, but few for "babies". In fact, most potty training underwear sizes start at 2T! In the end, I'm glad I kept up my search though because moms do know best. At 19-months, Ella was potty trained.

You'll notice that the training pants I recommend are not of the disposable variety ... that is deliberate. In my experience, cloth trainers tend to speed up the potty training process. You'll also notice that they are not inexpensive. Unfortunately, baby trainers seem to be a specialized item, so you're not likely to find them mass-made an in multi-packs.

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In my opinion, these are hands-down the best potty training pants for babies.

Available in two versions, both straight cotton and a 2-in-1 waterproof version, I preferred the straight cotton because it was a much trimmer fit. Both versions are roomy enough for your baby to pull them up and down by themselves, but snug enough to catch any accidents.

The cotton-only pants have a thicker center panel that, while not always keeping clothes totally dry, do a great job of containing the mess in the event your child pees in them. On the other hand, the 2-in-1 waterproof pant features a waterproof outer layer made of the same material that keeps cloth diaper leaks at bay - Polyurethane Laminate (PUL) - and has a double absorbent center core.

Both styles give your baby the sensation of being wet, so they're great for training, and both styles wash well and become more absorbent with each washing.

The other major difference between the two types of potty training underwear offered in the Potty Patty and Potty Scotty lines is sizing; the cotton underwear start at a size XS (19-24 lbs) while the 2-in-1 training pants start at size small (24-29 lbs).

In terms of price, they average about $10/each, unless you can grab them on sale. While this seems expensive, in terms of this list, these are actually really affordable. With that said, I still highly recommend grabbing a few pairs if you can swing it - they are well worth the price.

You can read my full review of the Potty Patty and Potty Scotty training underwear.



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