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41 Beautiful Micro Braids Hairstyles

21. Caramel Micro Braids

Be a trendsetter not a follower with this style.

Caramel Micro Braids Style

If you want a softer look, opt for a caramel tone. This will complement your braids and look fantastic.

22. Zoe Kravitz’s Micro Braids

Zoe Kravitz set the micro braids alive with her classic look.

Alicia Keys Micro Braids Style

Braids went crazy when Zoe Kravitz was rocking them, now they are back. This is such a simple, chic and stunning style.

23. Blonde Brown Style

Stylish and chic should be your middle names if you’re going to have this style.

Blonde Brown Micro Braids Style

Instagram / sdkrz_

To make your braids stand out, mix blonde and brown together to highlight your striking hair. This is the perfect combination and I can guarantee all your friends will be copying you within the next few weeks.

24. Curly Micro Braids Style

Let your curls flow with the sassy style.

Curly Micro Braids Style

If you’re lucky to have sexy curls, you need to show them off to the world. Don’t hide them away, let your hair do the talking with this curly micro braid style. Your hair will look healthy and amazing.

25. Micro Twists = Cute Protective Style

This cute updo will look stunning as well as protecting your long braid locks.

Micro Twists Hairstyle for Black Women

Maybe you’re working or going to the gym to exercise. These times, you need to ensure you don’t damage your hair so having an updo, will ensure this doesn’t happen.

26. Micro Braids with a Pop of Color

Having a radical change, can take a while to process and sometimes takes us a while to make that jump.

Micro Braids with a Pop of Color

Are you feeling bold? Add a splash of blonde colour to your braids. This sets your braids alive and will complement any outfit.

27. Micro Cornrows Style

Having classic cornrows with braided long hair looks classic and chic.

Micro Cornrows Style for Black Women

This is a low maintenance style, which draws all the attention to your face and hair. If you love to show off your face, opt for cornrows. Your hair will be pinned back, having your face in the spotlight. It’s your time to shine!

28. Blonde Micro Braids Updo

As the saying goes – “Blondes have more fun”.

Blonde Micro Braids Updo

Do you want to test this mantra out? Going blonde will enhance your skin tone and your hair, so you’ll end up having a total transformation. This is an ideal solution if you want a makeover and want to transform yourself. It’s always good to have a fresh and different style now and again. Who wants to look the same all the time? Blonde hair is striking, particularly with braids, so what are you waiting for?

29. Micro Braids into a Bun

Wrapping your micro braids into a bun is the easiest hairstyle you could do.

Micro Braids into a Bun

Bunch your hair together, wrap your braids around near your crown and keep doing so until you have a bun. It will be secure and will look fresh throughout the entire day.

30. Long Micro Braids Style

Long micro braids look girly and sleek.

Micro Braids Style for Black Women

You will not be disappointed if you opt to have this hairstyle, just look at this photo to reassure you. If you’re going for extensions, you might as well have long ones!



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